Darul Suleh

Purpose of this website

The essence of any religion can never be violence. Every sect, creed and tradition exists only for furthering human values. Those who carry out barbaric attacks against humanity fail to understand the damage done to that religion and how they damage the cause of those they claim to stand for. Hence Maulana Azmat’s effort is against terrorism, extremism and radicalization and not against any sect or religion. We need to recognize and reject misinformation spread by extremists group.

The threat of extremism, violence, and radicalization poses great risk to society. The role of social media as a facilitator of radicalization is clear. Social media propaganda has spread across the world and hence, there is an urgent need to take back the airwaves from the voices of hatred. We need to make sure that young people learn the true value of religion so that misleading religious indoctrination by foreign extremist groups can be countered.

By distorting basic principles of Islam, extremists pose a danger to Islam by spilling blood. Thus the thrust of Maulana Azmat’s desire is to deglamourize violence, delegitimize it and sensitize the common Muslim with effective answers to all misinformation in the cyber world. The main aim of Darul Suleh is proper archiving of correct information on Islam to enrich understanding of Islam and promote correct religious teaching. It is to make Islamic thought understandable to common people. For this purpose, the website regularly updates quality source material from India and the world.

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